About the Society


The Working Clumber Spaniel Society was formed in 1984. James Darley writes about its formation here

Today the Society is proud to be the organisation for all those interested in seriously working their Clumber spaniel and all supporters and owners of the working type of this intelligent purposeful breed.

We are the sensible source for puppies bred for work with game sense and trainability constantly at front of mind. The Society takes its health advice from geneticists consulting to The Kennel Club and The Animal Health Trust so the WCSS Health and Breeding  sub-committee is always well informed, providing thoughtful and unbiased pragmatic advice to breeders and puppy buyers alike.

This Society runs a full range of working and training events including Field Trials at which all minority breed spaniels and handlers are welcome. Winning respect and promoting understanding at this competitive level opens doors for the breed to work on shoots across the country and gauges the breeds ever developing progress in the field.

The Society enjoys the privilege of HRH The Princess Royal serving as President, underlining the status and regard which the Society enjoys. WCSS provides an exciting platform for the breed at game fairs  and other media by maintaining a skilled handling display team with some thrilling examples of the modern working Clumber.

Our members have a reputation for being both knowledgeable and friendly, and this approach has propelled the working dog into the spotlight in recent years.

If you are seeking help, advice on puppies, public appearances or media coverage connected with the working Clumber spaniel then be sure to talk to THE WORKING CLUMBER SPANIEL SOCIETY.

WCSS at the original working Clumber spaniel kennel at Clumber Park Nottinghamshire


  • Promote and encourage training and use of the breed
  • Encourage owners to breed selectively from sound, work proven specimens
  • Restore and maintain the breed’s physical soundness and functional qualities
  • Maintaining and upholding the original working breed type and uphold its utility
  • Hold educational and competitive working events