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Over 30 years of careful breeding of the working dog has produced a spaniel now with largely excellent eyes, hips and trainability.

The Society encourages a variety of thoughtful breeding strategies . See latest detail here..

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About Working Clumber spaniels

In 2017 just 265 Clumber spaniel puppies (working and show) were registered (compare this with  23,317 cocker spaniels!)

The Clumber Spaniel has however, been part of the British sporting scene for over 200 years. Once the favourite of dukes and kings they take their name from Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

Highly prized as game finders, in the early 20th century they were pre-eminent in field trials. They are a strong, muscular, powerful yet active dog. From working lines the dogs weigh 24-32kg (55-70lbs) and bitches 20-27 kg (45-60lbs).

The coat is white with lemon or orange head markings, abundant and straight, with feathering around the legs. They have a steady reliable character, are stoical, great-hearted and highly intelligent and are known for being silent workers with excellent noses.

The breed was kept going during WWII and the post-war years by show breeders while the breed did not enjoy sufficient support from working owners. This is now changing and The Working Clumber Spaniel Society formed in 1984 is the force behind the breed’s revival as a genuine gundog bred for the field.

The breed as a whole has benefited from the dedicated work of those determined to maintain a dog capable of doing the job for this it was originally bred.

Field Trials


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