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The GWCT Scottish Game Fair and Scone Palace

This week sees the WCSS entering new territory with a visit to the Scottish Game fair held annually at Scone Palace in Perthshire.

Scone Palace has an exciting and colourful history as one of Scotland's most important stately homes. Fifteen hundred years ago it was the capital of the Picts.

In the intervening centuries, it has been the seat of parliaments and the crowning place of the Kings of Scots, including Macbeth and Robert The Bruce. The Palace houses an outstanding collection of antiques, paintings and rare artifacts and the grounds are renowned throughout the world, making the stately home one of the most popular tourist attractions in both Perth and Scotland.

Poised above the River Tay in Perthshire, Scone Palace overlooks the routes north to the Highlands and east through Strathmore to the coast. The Grampian mountains form a distant backdrop, and across the river stands the city of Perth.

Not only is this the first visit for the WCSS Premium Dog Food Company Kronch have agreed to supply a large area on the Kronch stand for the Clumbers and have successfully negotiated for the WCSS to demonstrate in the main arena at the show. This has to be seen as a a major breed awareness trip for the Clumbers and a big boost for Clumber Owners and Breeders across the border in Scotland.

The show runs from Friday July 5th thru to the 7th and all Clumber owners are welcome to come along and visit and as always any help on the stand would be very welcome. More details can be obtained from Debbie Zurich, Camping is also available along with a hugely anticipated WCSS curry cook out on Thursday evening.

Graham Tweed

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