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Firle Place the first WCSS event of the Year for the WCSS

A lovely dry day in Firle! Those members who are used to attending the annual days shooting at the base of the South downs at Firle Place by kind permission of Lord Gage will know how wet the day usually is! This year we barely even had drizzle although the ground under foot was fairly wet.

We had 4 lovely drives all beaten by a great beating team of dedicated Clumber owners flushing many birds for the guns to shoot at.

Sadly our shooting wasn't quite on par with the beaters expertise, but fun was had by all with Clumbers picking all the birds shot. After the final drive we returned to Firle Place where we had lunch and drinks, we thanked our kind hosts and shared the bounty of our shooting between us, before setting off home to our respective parts of the country. I look forward to seeing you there all again next year.

by Jim winter

Edited By Sarah Watters-Carver

Photos by Jim and Mel Winter and Liz Joyce

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