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Dogs Available

Clumber puppies are very few with only around 200 (both show and working bred) registered each year, so we often have none available on this page. Breeders tend to keep waiting lists and often whole litters can be sold before the pups are even born.

Please download our Buying a Puppy Factsheet for more information.

Potential puppy buyers should note that they must rely entirely on their own enquiries when purchasing a puppy from any of the advertisements below. This applies to the suitability and health of the puppy concerned and equally to the terms of sale in all aspects. Unfortunately the Working Clumber Spaniel Society is unable to accept any liability for any loss however arising and cannot mediate in any subsequent dispute.

Please contact us with the details or download our puppy advert application form  if you want your litter put on this page.  Adverts are now FREE for members, parents must meet WCSS health testing standards.  Any litter from an EIC carrier parent MUST be DNA tested before homing. Please find all the information needed in full here and email to

If you are having problems viewing the dogs available please click here here 

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