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Members' Stud Dogs

Please note the Working Clumber Spaniel Society does not accept liability for any of the dogs advertised, nor for any actions of the individual breeders. The health screening information is checked against Kennel Club and owners records.

The WCSS has extensively consulted with genetic expertise from The Animal Health Trust, The Kennel Club, University of Minnesota and Laboklin Laboratory to formulate a strategy dealing with Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC). The broad advice is to avoid panic and needless loss of stud dogs but to breed in the light of carefully examining potential pairings and taking EIC into account along with other factors. A full statement of the Society’s advice can be found here

Please contact us if you are a member and you want your Stud Dog put on this page.  EIC status and other health test information must be available and recorded by the kennel Club.


Before advertising please read our terms in the Stud dog guidance

The latest list can also be downloaded here if using a mobile phone to view


Covid 19

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