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Research into PRA in Clumber Spaniels

As you will no doubt be aware there is extensive work going on looking into PRA in Clumber Spaniels. There is a large data gathering exercise going on and we would like to capture information about clinical eye exams that have been performed on the dogs belonging to WCSS members. If your dog has had an eye exam at any point and you are happy to share the results then please email a copy of your last eye test to

You may be contacted to participate in further investigations such as genetic testing with swabs or further exams. Please let us know if you're happy to participate. Of course all information will be treated highly confidential and not shared with any other parties than the Animal Health Trust and only with your agreement.

Thank you for your support, Your health and welfare sub-committee

Heidrun Humphries, Jane Smith-Bodden, Barbara Brown, Carol Page

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