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WCSS Field Trial Monday 11th November 2019

The WCSS held it first Field Trial of the year at the Stapleford Shoot, Melton Mowbray on Monday the 11th November 2019. There was a good entry with 5 of the minor breed spaniel variety's in attendance.

As always Head Keeper Ralph Sturgess ensured there was plenty of game for the Trial. The scenting conditions were not good with cold wet ground, rain and a gusty wind. The abundance of birds was the downfall of some, and both dogs and handlers experience were tested to the maximum. It was in these conditions that the strong scenting ability of the clumbers shone through and we were given a demonstration of top class working dogs.

Retrieve of the day must go to Jane Sutherlands Welshie ‘Nelson’, flushing a bird in the woods, it crossed the ride to be dropped, with legs by the gun, into a block of head height maize. Nelson was sent for the retrieve flushing pheasants causing anxious and worried looks from Jane and the Keeper, but then he delivered to hand with a look that said " Easy!” A mention must be made of Mr Smiths American Cocker, clearly a little dog that doesn't know he’s small, but luck wasn't with him today.

The dogs in the awards today must be the benchmark to aim for. Perhaps for some the bar should be a little higher in training but the genuine words of congratulation from the competitors to award winners was reminiscent of time gone by.


1st Mr A Parker with Clumber Bitch Parkforth Lilly

2nd Mr A Parker withClumber Dog Sedgehurst Egton of Parkforth

Guns Choice Mr M Smith with American Cocker

The WCSS would like to thank the Keeper Ralph Sturgess, Judges Andrew Robinson and James Darley, as well as the guns. It’s important to mention and thank our kind sponsors Kronch.

By David Kent

Photos by Vicky Parker

Edited by Sarah Watters-Carver

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