Training Together
The WCSS Regional Training Initiative

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What is it?

At its AGM in August 2021 the Society gave its overwhelming support for the creation of a programme to expand and improve training opportunities for members across the UK.

The aim is to nurture small training groups for members to receive training assistance and advice from people often bringing experience from the wider spaniel world. The core of the programme will be training to standards required by The Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificates. The aim is to promote good basic everyday handling skills for working Clumbers and their owners, not field trialling.


There are now fine working Clumbers bred within the Society and the time has come to encourage and support handlers determined to push themselves and the breed to raise the game. However, WCSS is a national organisation and training has often meant irregular training opportunities at locations not convenient to many. That won’t change overnight of course but the successful launch of this initiative will see a constantly improving situation. The value of working with other Clumber owners is huge.



WCSS is the only credible body representing the working Clumber and can ensure that training in these groups is of a good standard. Every group operating in the scheme will be subject to Society approval of trainers and facilities available.



Whilst the original commitment was to achieve 3 groups over the 18 months, enthusiasm and opportunities currently suggest that 5 groups can be anticipated in 2022, doubling to 10 the following year.

The Society is now developing the first training groups in time for training to commence in Spring 2022.


Training together Handbook

The Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate Handbook


Trainers, Ground Owners, Potential Group Leaders, and members wishing to join a group should look at the downloadable information here. You can see an overview of the scheme and read the excellent Kennel Club guide to its working gundog certificate.

Contact Andrew Parker (Field Trial Secretary) T: 07795 220155   E:

Active Groups


Trainer           Roy Ellershaw

Contact         John Smith-Bodden

Tel                 0629534555


North East/ North West

Trainer           Paul Matthews and Andy Parker

Contact          Andy Parker

Tel                  07795220155


South West

Trainers         Dave Kent and Nigel Franklin

Contact         Dave Kent

Tel                 01566779968/07814840266


South Midlands/ South West

Trainer           Alison Spiers

Contact         David Chilvers

Tel                 07785523620



Trainer           Arthur Magregar

Contact         Claire Knowles

Tel                 07961861133


East Anglia /Suffolk
Trainer            Julie Palmer

Contact          Deena Hunt

Tel                  07767 793348