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Breakingcover 12 January 2020


12 January 2020


Wishing all our members a great 2020. A number of changes are in hand for the Society this year as it enters a new decade. One is now firmly established -WCSS is THE voice for the working aspect of the breed and continues to grow in influence each year.


Truly an era comes to an end as Debbie has vacated the position of Hon Secretary, she has held for over two decades. A move to Southern Ireland prompted Debbie to plan a retirement in 2020 and she has now decided to bring this forward to take immediate effect. We thank Debbie for her tireless work for the Society.

Anyone who has been around working Clumbers will know and appreciate Debbie’s contribution to the breed in general and this Society in particular. A sad loss indeed for us but we wish her every happiness in her new life. One thing is for certain, Debbie’s passion for the Society and this breed will continue, albeit from across the water.

Difficult shoes to fill then, but life goes on and fill them we must! If you are interested in being considered and elected at the upcoming AGM please let Andy Hales (Chairman) know in the next few weeks.


Looking a little further ahead John and Jane Smith-Bodden have notified the committee that they will not seek re-election at the 2021 AGM. This 15 +month notice will allow for a smooth transition to new blood and they both intend to do everything possible to assist new people in the post.

Most members will be aware that Jane thankfully survived a brain haemohorrage last year and this has naturally crystallised their plans for retirement. John Smith-Bodden comments “Jane and I have much we want to do, both concerning our dogs and in other areas. We’ve been truly privileged to serve the Society for the past 11 years but its time for new blood to contribute to the next stage of development for this fabulous club. If anyone emerges wishing to take earlier control of financial and membership matters, we are quite happy to step down earlier. Whatever, our support for the Society will always be a big part of our lives

Interested persons are welcome to discuss the roles with either John and Jane or Andy Hales.


After careful consideration the Committee has decided to enter the new year without a sponsor for the club itself. The reason for this is that, having built the Society to become the independent voice for the working Clumber and having regard for a number of strategic breed issues which lie ahead, the committee felt it that WCSS should not retain a sponsor in order to have a clearly independent voice in the world of working dogs.

The Society warmly thanks Mr Graham Tweed and Kronch dog food for their previous support of the Society and wishes them continued success and growth for the future.


Please note that annual subscriptions are due on 1st February 2020. Rates remain unchanged at £10 for individual members and £15 for family membership. Gamekeepers £5. New members joining in December 2019 or January 2020 are not required to pay again until 1st February 2021.

Please ensure that payment is made promptly. Best of all, do it now and then you can forget about it!


John Smith-Bodden

Hon Treasurer & Membership Secretary


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