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Nethercote Training 16th June 2019

A days training with guest Trainers Graham West, A panel Retriever & Spaniel Judge, and Kayleigh Snell.

The weather had been against us all week, John posted a video of the river bursting its banks and the meadow being flooded at the beginning of the week, which might have put of a few campers! But luckily being a spate river goes down quickly. We harder dog trainers were not put us off, after all we go shooting and working our dogs in the field in bad weather, so need to train in it too! The only thing was all the tables and chairs and fire pit lit for our BBQ outside were not so good. John braved the rain to cook our delicious BBQ as the rest of us huddled in our small cottage and round the fire after training.

Graham and Kayleigh shared their knowledge with us and made it an interesting humorous few hours, a selection of Clumbers and some of my regular Nethercote training group attended. Graham shared his tales and showed us his cockers working too. Everyone went home with snippets to be useful and help in their training.

Debbie Zurick

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