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The Clumber Spaniel Club working test results

From Chris Page, Field Trial Secretary:

The Clumber Spaniel Club held a Working Match for Clumber, Sussex & Field Spaniels on Sunday, 22nd September and the judges were David Hine and Diana Gates. It was held at Ower in Hampshire by kind permission of Mrs P Lewis where the ground offered an area of woodland for the dogs to be put through their paces. After weeks of dry, warm weather it changed to being wet and humid on the day but it did not dampen the spirits of the competitors. Sadly there were no entries for the Puppy Test but there were 10 in the Novice and 3 in the Open Tests with good representation from all the breeds.

The results are as follows:

Novice Test

1st Barstow’s Bombay Saphire (Clumber)

2nd Hirst’s Sh Ch Creeaark Fantastica (Clumber)

3rd Hirst’s Sh Ch Creeaark Artreyu (Clumber)

4th Shipton’s Winterbourne A Glass Slipper for Mishules (Imp Swe) (Field)

Open Test

1st Barstow’s Madahbhan Clements At Seolfre (Clumber)

2nd Page’s Micklemess Sunny Dawn (Clumber)

3rd Knowles’ Jackpotstud Super Model (Clumber)

Best In Test & Best Clumber: Barstow’s Madahbhan Clements At Seolfre

Best Field: Shipton’s Winterbourne A Glass Slipper for Mishules (Imp Swe)

Best Sussex: Judge’s Sovaroma Cherry Sunset At Opalreef

The Clumbers were also the winners of the Match with the highest team score.

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