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The Game Fair 2021- We're Back!

A week on and I have finally recovered from The Game Fair 2021 it’s been over a year since most of us have been to an event with so many people. I must admit after more than 12 months of restrictions I was apprehensive about being out and about as normal and being the first time, it’s been my job to organise a big game fair there was a little bit of pressure (I’m sure of my own making!) I’m also aware that I have some big shoes to fill as Debbie Zurick really had this kind of thing sorted. But after carefully finding a team of WCSS members to volunteer, making various rotas and lists (which obviously had to be changed at the last minute), delegating as much as I could and pestering Neil Rice and Neil Varney with lots of silly questions we did get there.

I must say what a “Fair” it was, all nerves went out the window when I got to the camp site and my full team was there with dogs and ready and able for anything that the days might spring on us. The dogs were brilliant over the whole weekend and didn’t put a paw wrong even when they were getting very tired at the end of the weekend; a credit to their handlers. The WCSS members/ handlers were brilliant just getting stuck into every opportunity that the Game Fair presented to us. We managed to take part in the show opening gundog parade, the parade in the gundog ring, a mock shoot day demo in the main ring, the WCSS demo in the gundog ring, a mock working test and all this while manning the meet the breed stand in the Gundog Pavilion. It was lovely to meet new and existing WCSS members and clumber owners alike. It was one of those rare occasions that Clumbers didn’t look like an at-risk breed.

I wanted to say a big thankyou to all involved in whatever capacity you were amazing! I think we did the WCSS, the working Clumber Spaniel breed and absent friends proud.

Written and edited by Sarah Watters-Caver

Photos by Daisy May Nixon

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