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WCCS at the Scottish Game Fair, Scone Palace by Debbie Zurick.

I first meet Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce from the Scottish Game Conservancy at Ragley Hall last year. As I read his name tag, I said ,I have always wanted the society to be at the Scone palace game fair, to showcase the breed and do some demos. He said they would be delighted to have us but we need the support of a sponsorship package. By chance Graham Tweed from Kronch dog foods had been helping out on the stand that morning so I introduced them. They went off for a drink and hour and a half later the deal was done!

The society was very lucky to have this opportunity to be a Scone palace.

We had a stand right next door to Kronch on Pheasant row, just a few yards from the main ring. A great position. We did two 30 minute demos a day, and we took it in turns to man the stand. There was a great selection of dogs that did us proud. We met old members, gained new members and created quite a stir for working Clumbers in Scotland. There is hope therefore that there will be many more new Clumbers working in Scotland over the next few years.

The game fair had a lovely traditional feel to it, just like the old CLA game fairs that I used to go with my father when I was a child with good quality stands and food. The position, with the back drop of the palace, the river Tay in front for fly fishing demos and the Island being used for the working test between, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England (who won) was stunning - such a good layout.

So a big thank you to all those that travelled a long way to make this a great success Andy, Vicky and Amelia Parker, Jim Winter, Keith Briggs, Gary Barstow, Chris and Maggie Raper, Yvonne Bissell, Kate MacKay, Nigel Stock and myself.

We would like to give the biggest thank you to Kronch dog food and Graham Tweed.

We loved it and would like to do it all again.

Gun dog teams taken by Lou Baines

The WCSS stand and Kronch Stand taken by Gary Barstow

Kronch feed Clumbers Cora and Gin with Gary Barstow on the Kronch stand taken by Lou Baines

Cora and Gin taking in the Scottish air by Gary Barstow

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